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The country’s first Afghan woman-led organization focused on women, peace & security

The country’s first Afghan woman-led organization focused on women, peace & security. Research Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS) , established in 2012 by Wazhma Frogh & Sabrina Saqeb

“If Afghan women are supported and stood with, they will be able to institutionalize and make these changes more sustainable in the decade of transformation, in the next 10 years.” – Ms. Frogh

RIWPS is working closely with the High Peace Council focusing on women’s meaningful participation in the peace process as well as with local organizations and activists building community-based inclusive peace.

Research Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS) is a woman-led initiative that focuses on increasing women’s leadership and inclusion in bringing peace and security to Afghanistan through research and evidence building and also strengthening the advocacy campaigns carried out many other women organizations.
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Jamila Akbarzai, a leader and a changer maker:

Jamila Akbarzai was encouraged by her father to obtain a good education, like a number of other Afghan women leaders in civil society.

Jamila remarks: “My father was a successful businessman. He encouraged me to get a good education, along with my six brothers. I am very grateful of my both parents and I want other Afghan women to have that chance.”

Jamila earned a B.Sc. from Kabul University and worked at the International Rescue Committee in Pashawar Pakistan. Jamila was driven by a desire to empower women to gain economic self-Sufficiency. In 1989, Jamila established one of the first local Afghan Women-led nonprofits: Afghan Women’s Welfare Department (AWWD).

Jamila reflects: “We as a women’s organization will keep trying until we bring Afghan women into decision-making positions. So far, women and men in our society have different power in decision-making. We want to change the situation …. I believe that any initiative and efforts without the participation and active role of women in Afghanistan will never lead to success.”
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