Since 2001, Connect has supported effective Afghan women educators, doctors and health workers, lawyers and judges, and women in business, with:

    • Direct financial support
    • Human rights and voter education training
    • In-depth, year-long business training to help expand and strengthen the organizations they run

They continue to do vital work for their people across the length and breadth of Afghanistan. We continue to Connect them with supporters like you.


We are creating a dynamic new internet forum where these courageous women’s voices can be heard.

They will speak the hard truth of Afghanistan but also speak of the little-known and under-reported, ongoing successes Afghan women have achieved—

    • Across the professions and in politics
    • Across ethnic boundaries, across their troubled and beautiful land.

Some of these women are in powerful positions of authority, across a wide spectrum of vivid professional and personal experience. We also include the voices of women poets, fiction writers, essayists – leaders, too, for they also speak the truth of their country in powerful ways.

Listen to their voices and you will come to know Afghanistan and its vibrant people in a new way.

We all know, even as the western military presence wanes, that Afghanistan and the Middle East will continue to play a major part in everyone’s future.

These accomplished women can give you a new perspective, and new understanding of critical issues facing all of us. Their words can inform both our thinking and our participation in world events today.