For the dozen years in which Connect ran programs supporting women NGO leaders & programs inside Afghanistan, we were grateful for generous grants from major foundations and many individuals. We also appreciated public support from leaders like Rory Stewart, Director of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, Kabul; British MP and author of NY Times bestseller on Afghanistan, The Places in Between, who said publically of our work: “Connect is an excellent example of an organization which has the instincts and skills to identify good, productive indigenous Afghan NGOs and has shown the patience, imagination and empathy to help them flourish. In a development environment too often characterized by high rhetoric and waste, Connect is a model of an intelligent, powerful and respectful approach to development.”

Special thanks also to Luke Powell for his generosity in allowing us to use his stunning photographs; and many thanks to Chris Pollara and Will Kaufman at Convertiv for their wonderful website and social media support.

We remain committed to Afghanistan through the international forum to be found in our active social media platform. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and on our website for news and discussion not only of Afghan issues, but now in an expanded discussion of Global efforts to empower women and girls, and of efforts to stop violence against women, trafficking of girls and women, and to address gender-based injustice in many countries.